Thursday, November 20, 2014

No matter what you call it ... Call House of Doors - Alexandria, VA 703-751-9000

Sales, Service and Installation of Doors Alexandria VA
House of Doors - Alexandria, VA

No matter what you call it..... Call House of Doors - Alexandria, VA

- Pressed steel frame, hollow metal frame, door buck, door casing, cased open, steel frame, knockdown hollow metal frame, 3-piece,  field assembled metal framed, ema, existing masonry door frame, punched and dimpled door frame 
- Steel door, hollow metal door, security door, back metal door
-Wood door, wooden door, flush door
-Aluminum door, storefront doors, full glass door
-Door window, vision kit, wood sticking, safety glass, tempered glass, laminate glass, fire glass, ceramic glass, wire glass
-Borrowed lite, wall light, metal framed window   
- Half door, dutch door, small door up top, wicket door, post office door
- Double swinging door, impact door, double acting door
-Butts, hinges, hangers, bearing hinges, piano hinge, continuous hinge, pivots, door pins
- Mortise lock or latch, big box lock thing
-Cylindrical lock, bored lock, 2-1/8" hole lock
- Deadbolt, deadlock, security lock, rim deadbolt, mortise deadbolt
- Door stop, door bumper 
- Door knob, door handle set, door lock, lever handle lockset 
- Key-less lock, biometrics, electro-mechanical push button lock, wireless lock, keypad, push pad lock, anti-terrorism lock, finger print reader, hand recognition, retina reader
- Flip over bolt, automatic flush bolt, manual flush bolt, combination flush bolt, constant latching flush bolts
-Fire pin, turkey popper thing
- Grab bar, bathroom rod, grabby thing in bathroom, ada bar
- Emergency handle, exit device,  push bar, crash bar, panic bar, rim mounted exit, surface vertical rod, horizontal bar, concealed vertical rod, mortise exit, exit bar
- Toilet partition, bathroom stall, toilet compartment, toilet stall, toilet dividers, bath walls, bath partition
- Door gasket, door weatherstrip, sweepy, door seals, jamb up, door bottom, sweep, brush astragal, center seal, threshold, aluminum strip
- Lock flipper, edge bolt, latchbolt, door latch
- Electric strike, powered striker, electronic security, security door, electronic unlatch 
- Door closer, door closure, surface mounted closer, concealed closer, husky closer, door check, norton door closer 
-Door mutes, door bumpers, rubber baby bumpers, door silencers
-Peep hole, door viewer, door scope
- ADA low energy automatic door operator, powered door, electric door, door opener, handicap door, disabled person door, ADA door, automatic door
- Smoke door, fire door, UL door, Warnock Hersey door, FM label, Factory Mutual fire label
-Commercial doors, industrial doors, business to business doors
- Door hanger, door installation, door fixer, door repair, door service, door installer, door guy, door people, door man, door mechanic, door technician  

House of Doors - Alexandria, VA is your #1 source for commercial doors, frames, hardware, ADA low energy automatic door operators, toilet partitions and accessories. Installation is available for materials sold as well as repair of your existing.

No matter what you call it .... call House of Doors - Alexandria, VA